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When Parties and Racing Compete


Published on December 10, 2019 - By Scuttlebutt Sailing News, with a report by Talbot Wilson/Pensacola Yacht Club:  

The Melges 24 was groundbreaking when it hit the water in 1993, and now remains timeless as a sportboat that’s fun, easy to rig, sail, and tow. However, one design classes can have ebb and flow, and when the cost to compete went stratospheric, the fun ebbed.

But the boats remained fun, and when the resale market offered affordable listings that got picked up by the lunchbox crowd, the reboot provided class racing with an influx of new life...

Talbot's Report: 

 It was in mid-November when there was a party at Pensacola Yacht Club (Pensacola, FL) and a Melges 24 regatta broke out.

The idea was the brainchild of PRO Hal Smith, a professional race manager on the Melges 24 circuit. He is also PYC’s Fleet Captain. Tom Pace Jr signed on as regatta Chairman. He pulled together a great group of volunteers to deliver the racing and hospitality we are known for.

The inaugural Bushwhacker Cup Regatta was born… which may or may not have been named after the creamy, boozy milkshake popular in the region...

Bruce Ayres’ Monsoon wins Pensacola YC's inaugural Melges24 Bushwhacker Cup


 Pensacola FL, November 17, 2019 - By Talbot Wilson/Pensacola Yacht Club: The three teams leading Pensacola Yacht Club’s Melges24 Atlantic & Gulf Coast Championship aka the Bushwhacker Cup after Day 1 were confirmed as the three podium finishers on Day 2. The one race that PRO Hal Smith got off the line saw the leaders in front, bow to bow, in clean air after each made a quick tack to port in the middle of the line. Then the general recall horn sounded.


Unfortunately, predictions for close to zero wind for Sunday on Pensacola Bay came true. A rare event. The wind died just after that start. Thus the recall. About 15 minutes later, Smith went on the radio and announced to the fleet and spectators that he wouldn’t keep the boats drifting aimlessly out on the bay. Sunday’s racing was abandoned, so Saturday’s five race results were final for the regatta...

Bruce Ayres and Bora Gulari's teams battle for top Melges24 slots in Pensacola YC Regatta


Pensacola FL, November 16, 2019 - By Talbot Wilson/Pensacola Yacht Club: Two teams, each with America’s Cup challenger team members aboard, battled for the top two places after the first five races of Pensacola Yacht Club’s inaugural Melges24 Atlantic and Gulf Coast Championship. Bruce Ayres’ Monsoon [USA 825 with crew Brian Porter, George Peet and Stars & Stripes principal Mike Buckley finished the day in first place with scores of 2-1-2-5-1 for 11 points. Bora Gulari with his crew of Kyle Navin, Norman Berge, Ian Liberty and American Magic’s CEO/Skipper Terry Hutchinson stood second after five with a 4-5-1-2-2 record and 14 points...

Newbies Face Champions


Pensacola FL, November 11, 2019 - By Talbot Wilson/Pensacola Yacht Club: For Galveston girl Chandler Self, the Pensacola Yacht Club Bushwhacker Cup is her first Melges24 regatta. She is new to the class and will be working the bow of Zane Yoder’s lime green Melges24 "Friday Night Gigolos." She is the only lady sailor on the five-person crew. Her skipper said he built his team out of a group of juniors that he coached out of his yacht club in Fairhope and Mobile, Alabama. “But Chandler...-  I found her off of Facebook on the internet. She fit the weight and had the experience..."

21 teams with 6 Melges 24 Champion Skippers


Pensacola FL, November 11, 2019: Five reigning 2019  Melges24 US champions and a former US Champion will duke it out with a stellar fleet of challengers on Pensacola Bay this weekend. Pensacola YC hosts the Melges24 Bushwhacker Cup with racing for the Atlantic and Gulf Coast Championships on Friday and Saturday. A practice race and a Quantum Sails clinic will help tune the fleet on Friday...  

Attention Melges 24 Sailors


Pensacola FL, November 5, 2019: Melges 24 sailors have just 10 days to get teams together and to enter the inaugural Melges 24 Bushwhacker Cup at Pensacola YC. Entries now stand at 23 with teams coming from New York, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, Virginia, Tennessee, Texas, Georgia, and all the deep south states... 

Melges 24 Racing Clinic


Pensacola FL, October 17, 2019: On Friday afternoon Nov 15, Zane Yoder will host a Melges 24 Racing Clinic following Practice Racing on Pensacola Bay for the inaugural "Bushwhacker Cup" (the Atlantic & Gulf Coast Championship). The clinic, hosted by Quantum Sails, is the kickoff for a great weekend of racing out of Pensacola Yacht Club Nov 16-17...